We adhere to the Five-star Corporate Culture and place a premium on attracting and retaining talent, laying the ground for future sustainable development. We are committed to creating a family-like corporate culture, cherishing cohesiveness and people-oriented values.

One Union, Two Platforms, Three Roles, Four Requirements, Five Systems

One Union

Hong jiuren is one person

Two Platforms

Base platform: control the high-quality fruit source in core production areas at home and abroad
Sales platform: master the fresh fruit distribution channels covering the whole country

Three Roles

Professional, dedicated and dedicated fruit man
Brand fresh fruit supplier
Fresh fruit supply chain brand service provider

Four Requirements

Family life and school growth
Militarization of management and hongjiuhua of belief

Five Systems
Core values

Pragmatic, learning, cooperative, achievement

Twelve basic rules

Give instructions: confirm instructions, report in time, and write weekly reports in person.
Effective action: do what you say, complete on time and solve problems.
Communication measures: daily cleaning, meeting minutes and formation of memos.
Reporting measures: three strictness summary, one page report and data analysis.

Four methods of managing people

Set goals, control progress, grasp evaluation, and standardize

The four methodological measures of stewardship

Ask the purpose first, then do the deduction, personally proof, and review in time

Three elements of leadership

Build team, determine strategy and lead team

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