Digital Control

We have a proprietary digitalized global supply chain management system HJ Star Bridge to realize integrated management covering the entire business of procurement, transportation and distribution, improving our operational efficiency.

Global Container Management

We can access and study a large amount of data in relation to the status of containers from multiple dimensions, thereby having better control over the port selection, fruit assessment and grading, container temperature, logistics routes, customs clearance processes and sales region selection. This allows us to monitor the entire supply chain visually in real-time, facilitating effective tracking of each batch of products. This module also allows us to study trends in purchase orders and the status of each key sector along the supply chain, as well as receive early warning of potential disruptions, allowing us to intervene quickly and effectively through agile management and adjustments to logistics arrangements, improving fulfillment efficiency.

Procurement and Distribution Management

we collect and study data on the procurement price, quantity, quality, production yield and export volume of fruits, and this module can assist us in making precise procurement decisions and gaining advantages in terms of procurement time and pricing. In managing distribution, we can assess the trend of sales prices of various fruit categories in different regions, as well as the supply and demand mechanism of relevant fruit products in a specific market, in order to match the best quotations for different channels and to receive more orders from customers.

Visualized Data Analysis

We have developed a visualized approach to supply chain management, presenting data from orchards, places of sales and transportation through interactive interfaces, thereby allowing us to monitor the entire business value chain more intuitively, accurately and quickly.
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