One and Only Globally

Upholding the principle of “one and only globally”, we secure suppliers of our branded fruits only from regions that enjoy distinctive geographic and environmental conditions to produce fruits with premium and distinctive attributes, taking into account latitudes and longitudes, climate patterns, cultivation scale, as well as relevant techniques which ensure the differentiation of our products.

Penetration into Places of Origin

We have invested in deepening our penetration in places of origin for our core fruit products. We had a local team of nearly 400 employees who work closely share advanced plantation techniques with local orchards, including flower induction, fruit thinning and picking. We are able to flexibly adjust our purchase orders’ volume, price and periods, by monitoring the growth patterns of different fruit categories, the timing of procurement, and market conditions, thereby improving the predictability of relevant orchard’s supply and further promoting our collaboration.

Standardization from the Point of Harvest

We had 16 overseas fruit processing plants equipped with advanced machines for different fruit categories near orchards in the places of origin, which significantly improves operational efficiency. As such, we are able to ensure product quality through standardization at an early stage and optimize the shelf life of our fruit products.

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